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Thanks for your work

I should mention that this song was produced by my record label. Thanks for your hard work, Chris. We are very glad to have you bring our music to animated life. This song is part of the Act EP and will be released on March 20th, 2009 exclusively through Beatport. Catch it in your itunes store, djdownload or any other popular online music store shortly afterwards. Thank you for your continued support NG.

Manager of Dangerbox Recordings -- www.dangerbox.net

NEO-C responds:

No problem, had a lotta fun working on and I'm glad you guys are pleased with how it came out :]

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You've completed 50 levels! You're HALF WAY THROUGH! awesome game

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice :) good job

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A journey of chill ambient sounds mixed with excellent EQ spacing for awesome bass to shine through. Nothing overused, and even though I personally would have added more variants of the main progressive chords, they never feel overused and the smooth bass is used to harmonize. Excellent melodic chill-track.


Dude, give me more here, you got a nice start, and the ambient single string and then fade in with the synths and das NICE. So then you do the crazy drum shit that you do, and then... it ends. I'm sad man. You need more on there. So then here's my technical perspective. It's very distorted. Get that overdrive off of the main channel fucker. I taught you better than that. ;) If ANYTHING use the one buzz plugin and then use the omeck exciter to get some of your highs sounding better. But don't frick'n use the overdrive without trying to cut all the extra distortion below 3000hz. Fuck'n up the bass man ;) All the ambient sounds and the drums though, VERY nice.

oh and tell yer mom i'll be over for dinner eh? ;)

AznPB responds:

X_X Yeah, I'll give her the message so she can pook-pook your oolut. And I know what I'm doing (Sort of) stop babying me.

Going to use it

Dude, i'm going to use this in a song i think. ;) Quality wise, the sample is really noisy. Also, the reverb on the sample is not enough... I'll take care of that though. ;) You can check out my music if you like. It's pretty damn good.

FL Studio is my knife. Techno is the vibe. Feel the beat as the melody makes your speakers explode to life.

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